The emergence of Coronavirus is threatening the whole world but its impact is most devastating in our part of the world; where the majority live below the poverty line. CLAAS with the support of its partners and friends was able to provide grocery packet with health and hygiene items to hundred (100) Christian families and 108 from other communities. These families were mainly from Lahore and its surrounding areas. These were the people who were already vulnerable and living under the poverty line and now they are fighting the battle against hunger, unemployment and high risk of being infected by this contagious virus due to non-availability of any protective items.  During these challenging times every little support to these vulnerable groups revived their faith in humanity. Few of the individuals were also given financial support to pay off their monthly rent.

Grocery to 47 individuals from daily wages labour community (Christian & Muslims )

Grocery to 37 individuals from transgender community (Christian & Muslims)

Grocery to 16 individuals (disabled, sick and widow) (Christian & Muslims)

Grocery and Rent to 08 individuals (Christian & Muslim)

Grocery to 100 Christian families (including families of blasphemy survivors)


CLAAS celebrated October as the Breast Cancer Awareness month. A special workshop was arranged with emale survivors and skill based training class participants. Dr. Saraphine was the guest speaker who talked about the importance of self examine and encourgaing young girls and women to seek medical advise if something is detected.


Through its partner CLAAS has initiated skilled based trainings of stiching and beautician for young survivors of GBV