Universal Periodic Review pre sessions meeting in Geneva

CLAAS participated in the Universal Periodic Review pre sessions meeting in Geneva. The purpose of these meeting is to facilitate civil society to directly advocate to members of permanent diplomatic missions in Geneva on human rights situation in their own respective countries. CLAAS has submitted a joint report with NCJP and Christian Conference of Asia regarding discriminatory practices in Pakistan, including abuse of Blasphemy law, forced conversation, hate material taught in our schools and non representation of religion minorities in parliament and main stream politics. Pakistan will go under review in November to advise the Human Rights Council what actions were taken to improve human rights situation. During the pre sessions meetings CLAAS along with NCJP lobbied with various diplomats asking the missions to propose specific recommendations to Pakistan regarding procedural amendments to Blasphemy law to stop its abuse, to criminalize forced conversion and to make amendment in present electoral system to ensure equal participation of religious minorities in main stream politics.