legal literacy session

Community engagement is an integral aspect of our work. This year CLAAS has planned a series of awareness sessions in various cities of Punjab. On May 17, 2024 awareness session was held at a brick kiln in Raiwind. Through interactive play a message on the importance of girl’s education, negative impact of child marriage and forced marriage of minor girls was conveyed to the community. Despite the heat the community fully enjoyed the play and actively participated in the after play interactive session. Their positive feedback was an encouragement that our message was well received. On May 11, 2024 another legal literacy session was conducted by CLAAS at Christian colony Jaranwala to deliver the knowledge about forced conversion and communal harmony. Participants in their feedback enjoyed the interactive session and the way issues were identified. Mother’s day was also celebrated with the community members; all participants gave honor to all women for their remarkable services as mothers. CLAAS would like to thank our youth team in Jaranwala for making this event successful.

Sexual abuse of a child can have lifelong consequences. The physical and emotional damage can be immense and children are also at risk psychologically. Further depression, worthlessness, and difficulty trusting people are also affecting them. The effects of child sexual abuse can be difficult to overcome, but it is possible with professional help and support from loved ones. In Pakistan, the majority of these cases go unreported due to shame, fear, or threats from the abuser. As a result, abusers often go unpunished. This contributes to a culture of violence in which children are seen as property and their rights are not respected.