Blasphemy case registered against a Christian Musrat Bibi

On April 19, 2023 a blasphemy case RIR No. 385/23 under the offence 295-B of the Pakistan Penal Code was registered against a Christian Musrat widow of Barkat Masih at police station Sadar Arifwala District Pakpatan. Presently she is confined in the jail. She was implicated in the blasphemy case on April 15, 2023 as she was alleged that while cleaning a store room of the school she burnt some old pages in which the pages of holy Quran were lying. Musrat Bibi is working as a supporting staff in a government school at Arifwala Village 66/EB District Pakpattan. She has three daughters, two are married, and the third is fifteen and sixteen years old. Her husband was a government teacher and when he died, he built a small canteen in the same school. Musarat was not much educated hence she was given the job of support staff in her husband’s place, barely enough to make three meals a day with a salary of 25,000 PKR. On April 15th, the principal of school ordered her to clean the storeroom of the school. Then some girls saw that some pages of the burning garbage had Quranic verses written on them, probably torn pages of a book on Islam. On this, the students of the school and the residents raised noise, and the people of the area also gathered and protested. On April 19th, an FIR of 295B was registered against Musrat Bibi in Arifwala police station. The police caught the poor widow and sent her to jail. Musrat Bibi is a Christian woman, she is not even educated. While burning the garbage, he did not even know what was written in it but a case was registered against her and put her in jail.

CLAAS lawyer contacted with Mr. Mukhtar Ahmed, the investigation officer of the case. On query the investigator told to the CLAAS that the alleged woman was taken before the Area Magistrate Arifwala and then sent to District Jail Pakpatan. He further disclosed that he has completed the challan of this case and same is submitted in the prosecution branch for trial. On the question of law and order situation the investigation officer replied that the police have efficiently paid its duty and there is no unwanted incident and chance of public nuisance.