Christian boy Gopal 16 years old was murdered in Sheikhupura

Gopal 16 years old was found dead on February 26, 2023, and his mother Saima Sajida approached the CLAAS office on March 30, 2023, for legal assistance regarding his son’s murder case. According to the facts she shared that she is living in a rented house at sheikhupura with her sons named Vishal 19 years old and Gopal 16 years old. Her husband Shoukat divorced her 14 years ago but is in contact with her sons. Her sons were working as a factory laborer. Gopal was working at Naveed Nawaz Textile Factory (Cotton or thread making) for the past three years. He was drugs addicted and had Muslim friends. According to Saima Rana Asad etc are ill-reputed persons who indulge in the business of drug dealing and so many criminal cases have been registered these persons. Saima being a single parent always forbade her son Gopal not to mix-up with Rana Asad and other Muslim friends. In February 2023 Saima went to Sargoda to meet her family and her sons were alone at home. In her absence, her son Gopal was murdered and his dead body was found on February 26, 2023. On the complaint of Shoukat Masih (father of the deceased) lodged an FIR No. 437/23, offence under section 302/ 34 of the Pakistan Penal Code at Bhiky Police Station, District Sheikhupura under the charge of murder against the culprit named Rana Asad alias Bona (a Muslim landlord) and Sufiyan etc. After the postmortem, his dead body was handed over to the family. The matter is in under investigation and the accused Rana Asad and Sufiyan moved pre-arrest bail in the court of Additional Sessions Judge Sheikhupura.

Saima Sajida showed her concern as there was an apprehension that her husband Shoukat would affect compromise in this case and he may stop himself to pursue the case, therefore, Saima wants to pursue the case as a legal heir.

On April 3, 2023, CLAAS team went to Sheikhupura, and CLAAS lawyer Mr. Tahir Bashir moved an application in the court of Ms. Farzana Shahzad Khan Additional Sessions Judge Lahore on behalf of Saima for grant of permission to pursue the case as a legal heir of the deceased. An application was also moved before the Judicial Magistrate Mr. Ali Miran for issuance of direction to the medical superintendent of DHQ hospital Sheikhupra to provide certified copies of the Medical Legal Report / post mortem report of the deceased. CLAAS team also had a meeting with the investigation officer.

Furthermore, the accused did not appear before the investigation officer due to which their bails were dismissed by the concerned Sessions Judge Sheikhupura for non-joining of investigation. Later on, the accused Asad and Sufiyan filed their second pre-arrest bail and the same was fixed for April 15, 2023, the CLAAS lawyer moved power of attorney along with an application on behalf of Saima as she is the real mother and legal heir of the deceased. The court while accepting the application of Saima adjourned the case for arguments on April 28, 2023. On the next date i.e April, 28, 2023 the lawyer from the accused side requested for adjournment upon which the court adjourned the case for May 02, 2023. The CLAAS lawyer appeared on the said date for the arguments; the court after hearing the contentions of the CLAAS lawyer at length dismissed the pre-arrest bails of the accused.