Torture to death incident of Emmanuel Masih (February 2023)

Emmanuel Masih 45 years old was living in Jahanian City in Pakistan. He has six children. He was working as field labour in the fields of a Muslim landlord of the Jutt family. Jutt’s family had a dispute with the landlords of Rana’s family. Emmanuel Masih was tortured by Rana’s family, could not survive, and died in police custody. The incident happened in the first week of February and was reported on social media on February 06, 2023. CLAAS contacted with the local facilitator who was familiar with this incident and took facts from him.

The facilitator told to CLAAS team that Emmanuel Masih knew the enmity of Rana and Jutt’s landlords. On the day of the incident, at night Emmanuel Masih and a retired Muslim police official entered in the fields of Rana. They were picking oranges from Rana fields and were caught by them. Muslim companion run away from the place of the incident and Emmanuel Masih was left alone. Rana’s party beat Emmanuel Masih and kept him in their custody the whole night but no one form his family tried to search him. In the morning at 5: 00 am Rana’s party called to the police and informed them that they caught a thief who was picking up oranges from their field.

Police reached to arrest Emmanuel Masih and saw his condition was very critical. Police called an ambulance and rescue Emmanuel Masih but due to the torture, Emmanual Masih could not survive and died on the way to the hospital. Before dying, he recorded his statement to the police that he was tortured by Rana’s landlords. After that police called to the accused person at the police station by saying that to register the complaint against Emmanuel Masih. When the accused party reached to the police station, police registered a murder case against them and locked them in the police station at Thatha Sadiqabad, three were involved in the incident, two are arrested and one is missing. The arrested people still are confined in the police station. CLAAS is in contact with the local facilitator and asked for legal help to the family who informed that Catholic organization is providing assistance to this family.

2- Report of the incident of Nosh Sarfaraz (Karachi)

Another incident of physical torture happened on February 18, 2023, at Karachi Christian Mohalla Zafar Town. Nosh Sarfaraz Masih a young boy belongs to this area was the victim of physical torture. Nosh used to do cleaning work to support his poor family. Nosh was doing his usual cleaning work at Zafar Town; a few offenders tortured Nosh by falsely accusing him of stealing a mobile phone. And even after asking again and again, the boy kept saying that he did not steal the mobile phone. The attacker took Nosh to a house, tied him up, and tortured him all night. When they found nothing from him then they left him on the street. The incident was highlighted on social media to appeal to high authorities for justice.