PCNP Press Release: 2nd Press Release to condemned Captain Safdar’s hate speech

 October 12, 2017

Press Release

2nd Press Release to condemned Captain Safdar’s hate speech


Chairman Pakistan Christian National Party (PCNP) Mr. M.A. Joseph Francis, in a press release today asked Captain Safdar that why his wife Maryam Nawaz got her education from a Christian institution and his father-in-law Nawaz Sharif also studied in a Christian School and thrice became the Prime Minister of Pakistan. How could he say that “friends of Christians are traitors” and appealed the army “not to hire Ahmedis in the armed forces”. By giving such statements Captain Safdar has proved that he is a traitor of Pakistan and I want to request the Army Chief to arrest him right away and carry out his court martial. I have asked my legal advisor to register an FIR against Captain Safdar on behalf of PCNP in Civil Line Police Station, Lahore. I also want to ask Captain Safdar why his children are getting education from Christian institutions and why his mother-in-law Kulsoom Nawaz instead of going to Ittefaq Hospital went to London to get treatment from Christian doctors in a Christian country. Again I want to remind Captain Safdar that Pakistan came into being only after Christians gave their casting vote and stood by Quaid-e-Azam. If the institutions of Pakistan will not take action against Captain Safdar then I will hold a severe protest against him and also ask the Human Rights Organizations to participate in it. I will personally contact all the international institutions and request them to stop the funding to Pakistan as the Human Rights are being violated in this country. I request International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Union (EU) and all other agencies to cease their funding to Pakistan until legal action is carried out against Captain Safdar. His statement about the religious minorities is a violation of the Constitution of Pakistan. The lives and safety of all minorities in Pakistan is at stake right now. Captain Safdar and all his in-laws are a security risk for Pakistan.

M.A. Joseph Francis

Chairman Pakistan Christian National Party (PCNP)

Council Member Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP)