Prayer Request for Asia Bibi (Blasphemy Accused)

Greetings from CLAAS!

We request you for a prayer request of blasphemy accused Asia Bibi who was convicted to death sentence and her appeal against conviction is pending for October 13, 2016 for finial decision before the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The case is to be heard by the Islamabad’s Supreme Court, composed of three judges: Mian Muhammad Saqib Nisar, Muhammad Iqbal Hameed Ur Rehman and Muhammad Manzoor Mali. Mr. Joseph Francis will attend the hearing with Asia Bibi’s lawyer, Saif Ul Malook. Given the sensitive nature of this case, we will need support and prayers for the lawyer and the judges.

One aspect in Asia Bibi’s case is; the five-day gap between the day the alleged act of blasphemy occurred and the day the incident was reported to the police, contradicts one of the core principles of criminal justice (the timely reporting of an incident) and supports the conspiracy theory.

The Pakistani Senate’s Commission for human rights recently announce a series of meetings with legal experts and religious scholars, to discuss the improper application of the blasphemy law, which is being used for personal revenge, the Asia Bibi case being a case in point.

In Christ’s service,