PCNP Press Release: Ousted Prime Minister still using government protocols

The Chairman of Pakistan Christian National Party (PCNP) Mr. M.A. Joseph Francis while talking to the media on the country’s changing political situation said that the ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who had been disqualified by the top five judges of the Supreme Court and asked to vacate the seat of NA-120 for having a by-election is still speaking against the Supreme Court’s decision and also disrespecting the Army in his hatred filled speeches giving an impression to the nation that they should reject the highest court’s decision depicting a bad image of Pakistan worldwide. The influential people of Pakistan are misusing their powers under Nawaz Sharif’s patronage and ruining the Parliament’s image. I would like to mention here that it is the right of the ousted Prime Minister to contest the Supreme Court’s decision but until he is proved innocent and freed of all allegations leveled against him, he should stay out of politics and should refrain from using his parliamentary majority to amend the law and pave a way to be re-elected as head or office bearer of a political party. This has never happened in any of the world’s Parliaments before. In fact all the persons who had been nominated in the Panama Papers immediately resigned from their posts. But Pakistan is the only country where even after being proved guilty people remain in power and Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar are living examples of it. Despite the issue framed against Ishaq Dar he is still glued to the ministry of finance. Ishaq Dar has been so dishonest to this country and at present where the price of petroleum is getting low in the world he has increased the prices in Pakistan and put the nation in agony. If the finance minister Ishaq Dar has some dignity he should resign immediately and give a positive message to the world. Mr. Joseph Francis also said that the ousted Prime Minister is still using the government protocol of 35 cars and damaging the national treasure. Using the government Convention Centre for a general house meeting by a deposed Prime Minister is totally illegal. He could have carried out the meeting in his party office or at Jaati Umra instead of using the government resources which he is not entitled to use anymore. I request all the political leaders and the opposition party that they should oppose Nawaz Sharif but in a decent manner and he should still be treated with respect since he has been elected thrice as the country’s prime minister. It’s a different story that the Supreme Court in its verdict on the Panama case had found Nawaz Sharif unfit to hold office but we should still treat him with respect and give this message to the world that we should accept the decision of the court. We should also highlight the good deeds of the ex-Prime Minister however we must also point out the errors where necessary as he stands accountable being the head of the state. I would like to say that during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure the country experienced a lot of development but on the other hand his brother Mr. Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab made so many false promises and claimed to change his name if those promises were not fulfilled. So I question Shahbaz Sharif that how many times would he like his name to be changed? I also want to shed light on this fact that the government houses are full of terrorists who have the support of the state. When the present government came into power in 2013 it promised to curb load shedding within six months and for that it planned to have new power plant projects worth millions of rupees but they have been a total failure. Mr. Shahbaz Sharif has also put innocent people behind bars relating to the Youhanabad incident and his representatives forced those people to embrace Islam if they wanted acquittal and there is evidence for that. The party meeting held to re-elect Nawaz Sharif as the party president unopposed is totally unconstitutional and void and a mere insult to the Supreme Court destabilizing the government institutions. At present, the brave soldiers of the army are fighting courageously for the safety and survival of this country and giving their lives to protect their country. We should pay tribute to such brave soldiers and I salute them on behalf of all the Christian community of Pakistan. May their souls rest in peace and my prayers go out to all the families of these valiant martyrs. The interior minister Ahsan Iqbal and foreign minister Khawaja Asif should review their speech before making any statements so as not to harm Pakistan’s honor and dignity. Also people from the PML (N) leadership like Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif and Rana Sana Ullah are a security risk for Pakistan. I want to clear one thing here that the PML (N) is not the muslim league of Quaid-e-Azam rather it is Zia-ul-Haq’s —– muslim league that has created anxiety among the masses and ended religious tolerance. I  would like to request the establishment controlling the law and order situation in the country to take strict action against such people who are trying to destabilize the state institutions. Pakistan will not reach the path of development until all the state institutions including the Supreme Court are made stronger. We should put all are differences aside and work together for the prosperity of our country. In the end I want to say that I being a Christian leader have always respected all the leadership of this country and would like to request all the Christian community to always keep the government, state institutions, Supreme Court and Army in their prayers so that Pakistan emerges as a peaceful country. And I also request to treat all the religious minorities equally because we are also a part of this nation and have served this country in different capacities.

I strongly condemn the unprovoked firing by Indian forces at the Line of Control killing innocent people and it is my appeal to the international community to take action against this brutal act and also help the innocent Kashmiris from the unjust treatment of the Indian forces.

M.A. Joseph Francis

Chairman Pakistan Christian National Party (PCNP)

Council Member Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP)