PCNP Press Release: Misconduct of PLMN party members

Mr. M.A. Joseph Francis, Chairman Pakistan Christian National Party (PCNP) in a statement today strongly condemned the mayhem caused by the lawyers affiliated with PML (N) yesterday during Nawaz Sharif’s indictment. They have utterly disrespected the court and the law. These goons who are supported by the PML (N) leadership have violated the Constitution of Pakistan by manhandling the police and entering the court premises to surround the judge. Mr. Joseph Francis also said that by doing so Nawaz Sharif is on a mission to destroy the prosperity of Pakistan and wants to initiate civil war in the country. He also asked Maryam Nawaz to inform Captain Safdar that the kind of immoral language he has been using on the assembly floor will lead to the party’s downfall. He has also appealed all the minorities living in Pakistan to boycott PML (N) at all levels. Mr. Joseph Francis also asked Captain Safdar why his wife Maryam Nawaz went to the church and prayed there for the success of her party. And by doing so she disrespected the church but we have tolerated her insulting act. The lives and safety of all the minorities living in Pakistan is vulnerable at the moment and if they have to face any hazard in the coming future then Captain Safdar will be held responsible for that. Mr. Joseph Francis has submitted an application in Police Station Nishtar Colony, Lahore to register an FIR against Captain Safdar and also moved a copy of it to the CCPO office Lahore. If the police do not take appropriate legal action against him then Mr. Joseph Francis will refer to the courts for same. In the end he again stated the fact that Nawaz Sharif and his whole family is a security risk for Pakistan.

M.A. Joseph Francis

Chairman Pakistan Christian National Party (PCNP)

Council Member Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP)