Nauman Masih burnt by unknown in Lahore

On April 10, 2015 Nauman Masih aged 13, burnt by unknown while going to the Market. Nauman recorded his statement with the Superintendent of Police (SP) that two unknown (extremists) came to him on motorbike and asked him about his belief, he was burnt by unknown as he claimed that he is a Christian (Masihi).

As CLAAS Director Mr. Joseph Francis heard news and rushed towards the Meo Hospital Lahore along with CLAAS team including Sohail Habel, Martin Javaid Michael, and Katherine Sapna to collect the real facts of the case and to see the condition of Nauman (a young Christian).

The team reached at the Meo Hospital immediately and met with the concerned doctor. Dr. Shoaib an expet one deal him in emergency. Doctor informed the Team that Nauman was 55 % burn and it was difficult to survive as Dr. Shoaib deal Nauman case in emergency. Team met with the family members in the hospital who informed that Nauman s/o Rafaqt Masih lived among his parental family at Gulshan Ravi, 60feet Road Shera Kot Lahore as his father Rafaqat Masih died about three years ago due to his disease, and he was on Kidney dialysis (a life-support). Nauman’s young mother Sazia Bibi get married to a Muslim rich man. As she do not wanted to live with a sick man and not to care him. They also said that Nauman has elder sister (step sister) named Saba Rafaqat , as Sazia was the second wife of Rafaqat.

Nadeem Masih and Ashraf Masih (Ashiq) informed CLAAS that Nauman was not school going. To make him independed they send him to a tailor Master (Munir Masih) to lern tailoring skills. Munir Masih used to send Nauman to figure such small things, like over locks of the stitched material and also to buy some material for stitching. On April 10, 2015 it was noon (between 12: 30 to 1:00 PM) Nauman went to the shop for over lock the cloths, when he saw a motorbike came towards him and they stopped and inquired Nauman about his religion, when he said that he is a Christian, the extremists throw petrol on him and set him on fire. Nauman’s whole body burnt and he was unconscious. The people in the market informed Nadeem Masih about the incident, and he rushed to the place and took Nauman to the Meo Hospital Lahore at about 2:00 pm. The local police also get involved and the Superintendent of Police (SP) personally arrived in to the hospital and did the formal investigation of the case, and recorded the statement of Nauman Masih as he was in senses.

Among CLAAS team there were many other NGO groups including Christian’s True Spirit (CTS), Pakistan Christian National Party (PCNP), Religious leaders including Arch Bishop Sebastian Shaw, Fr. Samson Delawar etc and political members gathered in solidarity. In the evening at about 11:00 pm Nauman was shifted in to the genral ward of Meo Hospital (called Gujranwala ward) after emergency treatment completed. He was in his senses but not completely.

Through CLAAS support first information report has been registered in the concerned police station. Mohammad Hussian the Station House Officer (SHO) and Safdar Ali Incharge Investigation Officer (I O) Police Station Gulshan Ravi Lahore, seemed cooperative to the victim’s family. They assured CLAAS Team that police will do a fair
investigation as an innocent young boy was burnt. IO also asked Mr. Francis that police would like to ask guidance and help of CLAAS during the police investigation in this case.
Mr. Francis encouraged the family and assured them that CLAAS is always there to help them morally, financially and also through free Legal help in this case. The family was
satisfied and thankful to all Christian brothers and sisters who helped and remain in solidarity. Family requests prayers of all national and international church for Nauman Masih’s life, being 55% burnt, he is in critical situation.

Joint in Prayers,
CLAAS Pakistan