Awareness Seminar on Census was organized by CLAAS

On Tuesday March 14th 2017 an awareness seminar on Census was organized by CLAAS at Pentecostal Mission Church Khaliq Nagar, Lahore. The seminar was addressed by Mr. Tahir Bashir Advocate, Mr. Nasir Anjum Suba Advocate and Rubina Ghazal from Centre for legal aid assistance and settlement (CLAAS). The seminar started with the prayer by Pastor Nadeem Aziz of Mission church and CLAAS’ staff member Ms. Sehrish Rasheed recited the Holy Bible. The main speaker Mr. Tahir Bashir Advocate talked about the importance of census and how the outcome of this census will impact on our social and political status as a minority. He encouraged the attendees to actively participate in the upcoming Census. Speaking to the participants Mr. Nasir Anjum Suba insisted the participants to take a leading role in all this process.

Ms. Rubina said the purpose of this session is to discuss with the community about the rights and laws. She stressed on the need that every individual male or female need to have a national identity card, birth certificate and marriage certificate etc. Importance of education, political participation for the progress of Christians was also discussed in this session.

The seminar was attended by more than hundred people from Khaliq Nagar residents and CLAAS staff. Some related reading material was distributed. The seminar was ended with the words of thanks to all participants, Mr. Iqbal Khokhar international media form and Mr. Asfaq Ishafq Gulzar Bhatti Elder of Pentecostal Mission Church by Ms. Shagufta, CLAAS staff, and with the prayer led by Pastor Palous from Masihi Basharti Church Khaliq Nagar.