Initial Report of Church Attacks in Youhanabad Lahore Pakistan

On March 15, 2015 at about 10:30 to 11:00 am there were two brutal attacks of militant terrorist on Christ Church Youhanabad and St. John Catholic Church Youhanabad Lahore. Over 800 people were present in both Churches for Sunday services when there were two suicide bombers tried to enter in Churches and blasted. According to the information the security members of both churches stopped them to enter in the Churches but they could not succeed to stop them for blast. Further the first attack occurred on the main gate of Catholic Church and same time second attack occurred on the Christ Church. Some people died on the spot and above than 100 people are injured and they are in critical condition.

Mr. Joseph Francis heard the noise of blast and immediately rushed towards the place of occurrence as the CLAAS office is situated near the place of occurrence opposite Youhanabad and when he reached near the Christ Church Youhanabad he rescued the injured people and during this suddenly he became injured and rescue 1122 shifted him at General Hospital Lahore in unconscious condition. CLAAS team also reached at the General hospital and place of occurrence. As team reached on the spot the dead bodies of victims and inured persons was taking to hospital by locality people and rescues teams. During the survey at General hospital 19 to 20 people died due to severe injuries.