Two people were injured due to the firing of the robbers near the Franciscan Boys High School Kot Lakhpat Lahore

On April 17, 2015 probably 10:15 a.m. Mr. Joseph Francis (National Director CLAAS) was telephonically informed about the firing near Franciscan Boys High School Kot Lakhpat Lahore. Immediately team consisted on Mr. Sohail Habel (Finance Manager), Mr. Hunny Bashir (Assistant In-charge Legal Department) and Mr. Asif Raza (Assistant Field Officer) rushed towards the place of occurrence to collect the real facts behind this incident. Probably 10: 30 am team reached at the place of occurrence and met with Karamat Masih the Principle of Franciscan Boys High School and other witness of the incident.

The Incident:

According to the facts on April 17, 2015 probably 10:15 a.m. three unknown person aged between 22 or 23 years with covered faces and deadly weapons came and tried to snatch motor bike Honda 125 beard No.LEQ 3490 from Lucky s/o Ishaq Masih. Lucky is 16, is residence of Kot Lakhpat Lahore near Franciscan School. As he censured against the robbers they started aerial firing and due to the noise of their firing a security guard of Franciscan High School namely Amir Azhar rushed towards the place of incidence with his loaded gun. When Lucky saw him he rushed towards him as he was frightened and suddenly robbers opened their fired on them. Due to their firing Amir Azhar got injury on his right leg and Amir Azhar fell down on the earth whereas Lucky also became minor injured and a bullet touched and cross his left arm.

After hearing the firing, parents also rushed towards school in anxiety, and looking for their children. Police officials of Laqat Abad, police station, Lahore also reached there.

Karamat Masih (Principal of the School)

Team met with Karamat Masih, Principal of the Franciscan Boys High School Kot Lakhpat who shared that school established since 1980 and from four years he is appointed as Principal of the school. Further he shared that 800 students are studying in this school whereas 28 staff members are working in this school. On the day of incident on April 17, 2015 he heard the noise of firing and he rushed towards the main gate of the school and saw that three young boys aged between 22 or 23 were firing with their pistol. His school security guard namely Amir Azhar Muslim by faith and a Christian boy of the locality namely Lucky has been injured due to their firing. Immediately he ran towards the attacker but they were on motorbike and escaped away. Karamat Masih and other staff members of the school took both them to General Hospital Lahore for medical treatment. Karamat Masih further told that fortunately Lucky was minor injured but school guard injured seriously.

Lucky s/o Ishaq Masih: 

CLAAS team visited to victim’s house namely Lucky s/o Ishaq Masih aged16 and student of 7th grade have four siblings namely Nabila aged 15, student of 5th grade Aliha aged 12, student of 4th grade, Annas and Sara both aged 08 and student of 3rd grade. According to him his uncle living near Franciscan School Kot Lakhpath Lahore and he often rides his uncle’s motorbike 125cc beard No. LEQ 3490 model 2014. On the day of incident on April 17, 2015 routinely he went to his uncle’s house and as he came out from main gate of the house on his motorbike, suddenly three unknown persons ran towards him. They set out their guns and started aerial firing after that they snatched his motorbike. Immediately the security guard of Franciscan Boys High School namely Amir Azhar Muslim by faith who was standing at main gate of the school ran towards them as he loaded his gun the robbers fired on him and a bulled crossed his right leg and he fell down on earth whereas another bullet touch Lucky’s left arm and he became minor injured. Lucky further shared that after the robbery and firing the accused went and raised ‘Allah Hoo Akbar’ slogan and ran away.

Waqas Masih (Teacher)

Waqas Masih is teaching in Franciscan Boys High School for last three years, he shared that he was present at that time when unknown persons were firing. Immediately he locked class rooms for the safety of the students and at the same time he helped to take the both injured person to hospital.

Azhar Saqib (SHO Police Station Liaqat Abad Lahore.)

CLAAS team also met with the concerned SHO namely Azhar Saqib Police Station Liaqat Abad Lahore, according to him the three attackers, purpose is not to attack or damage school, they were looters and wanted to snatched motorbike. They ran away after snatching it as the security guard of school tired to stopped them; therefore they fired in reaction which caused injuries to two people. However, building of the school and all students are safe. He also mentioned that Police will fulfill their duty and punish the criminals.


Aftab Gill:

Aftab Gill residence of Kot Lakhpat, Lahore is former Mayer (Nazim) of the locality and also working as property dealer. According to him he was going to market in his car as he heard noise of firing he went towards the place of occurrence. He saw three young boys probably 22 or 23 aged on 125 motorbike crossed his car speedily while aerial firing.

Visited at General Hospital:

CLAAS team also visited General Hospital to see injured Amir Azhar who is security guard of Franciscan High School Kot Lakhpat Lahore. He was admitted in emergency ward as his condition was very critical. Due to his critical condition he was not able to tell or record any statement.

Team Findings:

  • According to some locality persons there are robbery cases increasing day by day due to lack of police security.
  • It was not on School attack because every student was safe and there were no bullet signs on school walls or gate.


Reported by:

CLAAS Pakistan