Press Release

Chairman Pakistan Christian National Party (PCNP), Mr. M.A. Joseph Francis in a statement today said that the hierarchy created by the deposed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is a serious blow to the Pakistan’s economy and has been detrimental to the honor of the country. Nawaz Sharif is playing a revengeful politics by opposing the Supreme Court and the Army and is trying to escalate a civil war in Pakistan. The ruling party takes oath to protect the institutions of the country and stand loyal to the constitution but the present government is bent upon destabilizing the economy and the institutions. All the ministers and advisors of PML (N) are leading the country towards catastrophic conditions. Mr. Joseph Francis said that over the past 70 years the present government and the majority community has led to the downfall of this country and separation of East Pakistan is a living example of this fact. Whereas the minorities living in Pakistan have always prayed for the prosperity of this country and will continue to do so. He requested the Supreme Court as well as the institutions handling the law and order situation in the country to immediately arrest Nawaz Sharif and his accomplices and bring them to justice. Mr. Joseph Francis also said that Nawaz Sharif claims he is facing trial on behalf of 20 crore population living in Pakistan but in reality he is just trying to save the skin of his own family because he has looted billions of rupees from Pakistanis for setting up his businesses abroad. If Ishaq Dar has some dignity left in him he should resign immediately and face a trial. Ishaq Dar has completely destroyed the economy of Pakistan and is still trying to prove himself innocent while remaining the finance minister and using government protocols. Mr. Joseph Francis strictly condemned the use of government protocols by Nawaz Sharif and his indicted family members and demands that they should be treated like ordinary suspects. The accountability court should cancel all the bail petitions of these suspects and put them behind bars. They should be brought into court rooms for trial in ordinary police vans. In the end Mr. Joseph Francis again requested the present government and law and order handling authorities for the immediate arrest of Nawaz Sharif and his family members as the current Prime Minister who acts as a puppet for Nawaz Sharif is proving to be a bigger criminal by giving government protocol to the ousted Prime Minster and his family.