PCNP Press Release: Condemned Captain Safdar’s hate speech

Mr. M.A. Joseph Francis, Chairman Pakistan Christian National Party (PCNP) in a press release today condemned the statement of the ousted Prime Minister’s son-in-law, Captain Safdar in the National Assembly as utterly shameful and despicable. He should amend his records and needs to be reminded that Pakistan came into being because of the minorities living in this country. The Christians gave their casting vote and stood by Quaid-e-Azam for its formation. If they had not given their vote in favor of Pakistan then this country would never have emerged on the map of the world. Quaid-e-Azam made it clear in his speech on 11th August 1947 that Pakistan is a free country and every citizen whether he belongs to any caste or creed is a Pakistani and religion has nothing to do with politics. But Captain Safdar’s comments about the minorities have flared up a new anarchy in the country whereas we are already facing so many calamities. Captain Safdar needs to get out of his fantasy world and face the realities. If the religious minorities in Pakistan face any hazardous situation whatsoever then Captain Safdar will be held responsible for that. Mr. Joseph Francis also made it clear that instead of wiping away Zia-ul-Haq’s mess from this country, more is being added to it. The deposed Prime Minister’s family is bent upon destabilizing the government institutions. The Prime Minister and Interior Minister of Pakistan must take strict notice of Captain Safdar’s statement. Mr. Joseph Francis also said that if any state institutions are responsible for maintaining the law and order situation in the country then they must take action against Captain Safdar. The minorities living in Pakistan are true patriots whereas the majority is involved in corruption and damaging the country’s image in the world. In the end I want to say that Nawaz Sharif and his whole family is a security risk for Pakistan.

M.A. Joseph Francis
Chairman Pakistan Christian National Party (PCNP)
Council Member Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP)