Police Officer slapped a Pastor over misuse of loudspeaker

A Pastor Riaz Rehmat of United Church at Fazlia Colony was slapped by a Head Constable, Amir Abdullah on Sunday, June 12, 2016 during Church service at 10:30 a.m. Neither the policeman for Church security stopped policeman entering into Church. According to Amir Abdullah he received a call on police helpline 15 that the loud speaker was being used for the Sunday service. The call was made by Shabir Shah who complaint about speaker. In response to that complaint he barged into the Church and used derogatory words against worshippers present in the Church telling them to stop the service. When Pastor Riaz asked him to not to disturb the congregation, the policeman made his way up to the pulpit and manhandled the pastor. People from Christian community who gathered for prayers also staged protest against the police behavior.

Mr. M.A. Joseph Francis with his CLAAS team; comprising Sohail Habel, Aqeel and Saddique John at the place of incident to intervene into bilateral talks with the higher authorities at Ichhra Police Station. DSP and SHO along with local Muslims reached the SP Amara Athar’s office at Ghalib Market where CLAAS Lawyer Mr. Tahir Bashir also joined the team in a meeting with SP.

After that DSP later arrived at the scene and promised to take action against the policeman and a local resident who had called the police to the service. SP Amara Athar stated that head-constable Amir suspended from the service and a inquiry was initiated against him. She further shared that record of 15 calls was being checked whether suspect Shabir had made call. She said that case will be registered against him after investigation.

Mr. Joseph Francis said that these minor issues are getting critical day-by-day and must be dealt in time and all precautionary measures must be taken to avoid any seriousness in future that can cause big problems i.e. blasphemous or flaming the local Christians residences. After Joseph Francis request SP directed the SHO to maintain law and order at Fazilia Colony and to make sure that Christian community will live in peace.