Sawan Masih blasphemy victim on death row in Central Jail Faisalabad

On October 28, 2014 CLAAS staff headed by Mr. Joseph Francis including Sohail Habel, Katherine Sapna, Rama Rasheed visited Sawan Masih blasphemy victim on death row at Central Jail Faisalabad.

CLAAS team arrived Faisalabad at about 9:00 am along with Sobia (Sawan Masih’s wife) and his children and two sisters of Sawan Masih. At 11:00 am Jail authorities allowed the team to meet Sawan.

CLAAS team noticed Sawan Masih was very happy to see his children and wife. He was happy to meet CLAAS team especially Mr. Francis whom Sawan called Daddy.

Sawan Masih shared with the team that since he was awarded death sentence by the trail court Session’s Court Lahore, he is up-set and disturbed because he was expecting justice which is not shown by the judges. He is losing hope of justice after the decision High Court for Asia Bibi case. He mentioned that he is worried about his wife, children and entire family, what is their Future?

He shared with the team that every morning he does prayer for CLAAS team and lawyers especially Mr. Naeem Shakir and Mr. Tahir Bashir who fighting his case and for the release of other victims of blasphemy who are confined in Jails. He also said that he remember Judges in his daily prayers that God give them courage to do fair decisions and for the prison staff that they deal with prisoners with love and on humanitarian grounds while they are accused but they are humans.

Sawan Masih was satisfied bout his security in the prison and security arrangements provided by the jail authority. He was grateful to God for everything he arranged and especially for CLAAS.

Mr. Francis encuraged Sawan and assured him that CLAAS is always there to support him and his family so don’t be worried about them. The team asked Sawan to be in faith in Jesus Christ he will set him free soon and also informed that international community is concerned about him and praying for his release.

Sawan Masih said that “I am grateful to those who are praying for me and my family and again requested please keep continue your prayers for me and my family. He said I am strong believer but as a human being I often lose my courage. I believe that God knows me as innocent and trust that he will give me freedom therefore I need your prayers”.

He further said that I am all right physically by the Grace of Almighty God but worried about my children’s future.

Mr. Francis asked Sawan that how CLAAS can facilitate him in prison. What he need, must share and CLAAS will provide him.

CLAAS promised Sawan Masih for visiting him regularly on monthly bases.

Reported By:
CLAAS Pakistan