Abduction of Christian girl Marriam Mushtaq from Bahar Colony Lahore

Marriam Mushtaq 24 was abducted by four unidentified persons in white Corolla LEA-5393 on May 12, 2016 from Bahar Colony near FGA Church Lahore.  Marriam studies adult education in “Excel Educational Institution’’ from last one year. On her way to Excel institute at 2:00 pm with her brother Youhan 11 years accompanied, a white car stopped by, a man who covered his face came out and dragged Marriam inside the car and escaped. Youhan made noise to gathered passerby for help, in result of that two boys on motorcycle started follow the car. The boys were followed them and due to high speed of car they hinted a young girl while she crossed the road. In result of that accident she lost her both legs. The local boys followed the car till Muslim Town and then the car vanished in the town.

The family visited local police station to register the complaint, but police did not response them. Afterwards the family of Marriam & local Christians staged protest in front of Nawaz Sharif residence at Model Town. The protesters blocked the road for two hours than the police agreed to register an FIR No: 464/2016 under offence 496/A PPC (Pakistan Panel Code).

CLAAS team visited the family of Marriam and met the mother Musarat Mushtaq on May 13, 2016. The mother was in the state of mourning. The local people were gathered at their home to show sympathy & condolence. Women prayer group & local Pastors were there for continues prayers for the return of Marriam. Musarat said that her daughter Marriam was interested in education that was the reason she joined the institute for adult education. She also shared that police was non-cooperative to register a complaint but in result of protest FIR was possible.

Nagina Naz, aunty of Marriam shared that Marriam was married two years before but after one year the relationship ended up in divorce. CLAAS team asked about the suspect on any known person, but the family said that they have no clue about the abductors. Team met with Yohan brother of Marriam and eye witness of the incident. He said that daily he accompanied her sister to institution but never faces any difficulty or issue before. Yohan further shared that Marriam tried to escape from abductors to safe herself but one of them put a piece of cloth on her mouth and later she was unconscious. Due to unconscious state the abductors successfully drove her sister away. 

He also shared the all men in the car has covered their faces so he can not identified abductors. CLAAS team paid the visit to local police station and met Sub-inspector Muhammad Razzaq. He stated that Police is investigating and his police officers deputed to investigate the said matter. He shared that due to vehicle number they are near to catch the abductors but it will be too early to disclose.

Reported by:

CLAAS Pakistan