A young Christian Adnan Daniel 16yr

A young Christian Adnan Daniel 16, a student of grade eight at Prince Avenue Grammar School, Youhanabad Lahore had multiple injuries in the Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park. Besides multiple procedures carried out, he is still on Colostomy Bag and could not move his right wrist. CLAAS supported Adnan financially for his medical treatment and regularly praying for his speedy recovery so he can continue his education.

On the day of incident he was rushed to the emergency room at Sheikh Zahid Hospital where exploratory laparotomy primary repair of perforation, appendectomy and double barrel ileostomy and debridement and dressing of the wounds was done. His nerves in the right upper limb and lower limb are damaged and caused lost of sensitivity. Doctors said that Adnan may not be able to walk and have to use wheel chair. There are several bullets still in his body that needs to be removed. He is unable to continue his education as he had to visit Sheikh Zahid Hospital for his medical conditions and Galaxy Hospital for orthopedic needs. He cannot handle colostomy bag with his left hand.

His parents received compensation of injured in the blast at Gulshan-e-Iqbal that has been spent on his ongoing medications and dressings from March 2016. His father Daniel Masih works as painter on daily basis whereas mother Samina is a housewife. As Adnan is elder son and having three siblings who resume their school after summer vacation. Adnan eagerly look forward to be normal and continue his school.