Prayer request for the victims of Youhanabad incident

In March 2015 the Christian community protested against the brutal attack on Youhanabad Churches. During the demonstration two terrorists were killed and subsequently burnt alive by the mob. After this incident Muslim fanatics became violent and declared both terrorists namely Hafiz Muhammad Naeem and Baber Numan as innocent person. Three cases were registered against 500 to 600 unknown Christians in Nishtar Colony Police station, Lahore. Police arrested 84 Christians in these cases. 42 Christians were book and charged for murder of two terrorist attackers they are now confined in Kot Lakpat Jail Lahore and the remaining are bailed out.  CLAAS is contesting trial in Anti- Terrorist Court, Lahore on behalf of 32 accused.  The court hearing is fixed for 20th, 21st and 22nd of February 2017.

We kindly request you to remember these victims in your prayers May Our God Almighty give us victory over these non-democratic forces.

We also request you to pray for the Judges, and CLAAS lawyer (Mr. Tahir Bashir) who will precede the case in the court may God give wisdom and power to defend the alleged victims.

With Best Regards,

M.A Joseph Francis

National Director CLAAS