Post-arrest bails granted of accused in Youhanabad incident‏

CLAAS has applied for post-arrest bails of 10 accused persons in Youhanabad incident on May 13, 2015; those bails have been granted by anti-terrorism court on May 16, 2015.

The names of the said persons are;

  1. Faisal Masih s/o Safdar Masih
  2. Sadaqat Masih s/o Pervaiz Masih
  3. Sunny Bhatti s/o Samu Masih
  4. Moon Panu s/o Panu Masih
  5. Shamoun Masih s/o Taufail Masih
  6. Shamshad Masih s/o Saleem Masih
  7. Sharafat Masih s/o Bashir Masih
  8. Irfan Masih s/o Wilson Masih
  9. Neela Masih s/o Sadiq Masih
  10. Patras Masih s/o Lal Masih

According to FIR No. 395/15 petition of bails were filed before the court of Mr. Saeed Muzfar Ali Shaha Learned Judge Anti Terrorism Court, Lahore.

Post-arrest bails of 18 persons were filed on May 15, 2015 according to FIR No. 392/15 before the court of Mr. Muhammad Qasam Learned Judge Anti Terrorism Court, Lahore which is fix for arguments on May 19, 2015.